Joscelyn's Journey

A Beautiful Child's Journey Through Hemimegalencephaly

Home Again!

on March 4, 2013

This is just a quick update as I have my hands full taking care of our Warrior Princess as she recovers from surgery.

Joscelyn is doing great! She has not had any seizures since the procedure and is resting comfortably at home. We are taking this week off from her therapies and classes but will resume next week if she is feeling up to it. If today is any indication, she will be more than ready to be up and about by then!


If you compare this picture to the one taken just one day after surgery, you can see how much the swelling in her face has already gone down. She still has a lot of healing left to do but we are grateful that she was spared many of the post-surgery complications (fever, vomiting, etc.) that might have kept us in the hospital for a longer period of time. We will be following up with her doctors next week.

Thank you so much for your get well wishes and prayers! Much love to you all!


4 responses to “Home Again!

  1. Andrea M. says:

    Such wonderful news! Thanks for always taking the time to update us and post all the sweet pictures of your princess. Continued prayers for rest and COMPLETE healing are headed your way!

    Much love ~

  2. Thrilled to hear Joss is home resting where she is most comfortable. We’ll keep up the prayers for a speedy recovery & no more seizures!! Ever!

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